Wednesday, November 3, 2010

post election blues

Let me begin by saying that I voted. Are you all fucking happy? No? Did your candidate of choice lose his/her ass. Did The measure you really want to pass/fail not do so? Tough shit.

Politics has a lot of things to be incensed about and no matter what enrages you, there will always be someone who is made almost gleeful by the notion that upset you. What I cannot abide by is the fact that such piddly fucking bullshit is the object of our political arena.

I live in Washington State. In this state we had several measures to vote for and only a few of them were amending our political process. Yet there were also a few that dealt with the taxation of candy and the fact that the government owns the alcohol trade in Washington.

I actually spent time considering whether to vote to repeal candy taxes or make alcohol a private industry.


You fucking assmongers are wasting my time. If this is the caliber of shit you are going to bring me then fuck off. I don't care what you fuckers think about these issues. Let's get one thing straight. If you go to the store and the candy bar costs 75 cents and then the next day it cost 85 cents. The extra dime isn't going to stop you from buying it. Yet you would think we were signing petitions and voting in elections to fucking free slaves in this state.

So the government owns the liquor industry. Can I still buy booze? Yes? Then I don't care who sells it.

Now mind you I am not telling you how I voted on these issues. I merely am stating that people out there call others bad Americans when they don't vote. That you cannot bitch if you didn't participate. I am sure I have said it myself. But is it any wonder that people grow complacent in the face of measures like these? I am sure whatever state you live in had some like it too.

It defies logic to be just as rabid about petty stuff when we have real problems. Did the mid term elections change any of those problems? No they didn't. They won't change anything. Because fundamentally we don't agree on anything. People are dying in foreign soil. People are dying here at home. The world is fucked. It always has been. If you think some fuckass politician with his American flag pin and his briefcase full of agendas and intentions will ever change anything you are wrong.

You affect change in your life. Take back your fucking power and stop giving it to god, to politicians, to other people. You are the instrument of change in your life. Only you limit yourself to the bullshit future you have made. You can change that.

I am just so sick of petty bickering by people who are supposed to be adults. Grow up you fucking jelly assed dick snoggers. The politicians the corporations the media and everyone else on the planet aren't responsible for us. We need to affect our own change. We need to have our own hope. We need to stimulate our own jobs, our own economy, our own peace. Because we cannot wait for democrats and republicans to stop playing around with heads up their asses like they are gods gift to the political system and actually give a shit about us.

Do it yourself.

With deep and abiding affection,

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