Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Are you aware...

I was at work yesterday and for those of you who don't know, I do 24 hour in home care for autistic adults. As a rule I don't normally bring up work in these posts because I don't shit where I eat but since its directly related I will make this exception.

We had to go to Wal-mart to get a few things and outside the store was a woman. A woman standing next to a table with raffle tickets for purchase. Raffle tickets that went towards...autism awareness. Now if you are completely fucking stupid you might think that this was a cute little story of coincidence, but then you would not fully grasp how an asshole like myself perceives these things.

This woman looked at me and my coworker and said hello to us. I said hello back but I stared intensely at this woman for a good 10 seconds. I wanted so badly for this bitch to ask me if I knew anything about autism and its sufferers while I had two autistic adults in tow. As I looked at her I could tell she probably wanted to, just to help out the cause. If she herself had any knowledge of autism it did not shine through. But as I thought about it I remembered her cause. Awareness.

Who the fuck goes out of their way to promote awareness? "Excuse me sir/madam, but are you aware that there are things in the world that are bad? Specific things that hurt a bunch of people and make life harder for said people everyday? Oh you are? OK. Well buy a fucking raffle ticket and try and win our goodie basket."

Fuck you people. I am not going to waste my time on awareness. I know what you are thinking...I am an awful person who doesn't care about the plight and misery of others. And you are right. I don't care. Now is handing out buttons at rallies or selling t-shirts or buying the chicken soup with the breast cancer logo gonna help ease my liberal guilt. No it isn't. Is sending a check to a research center going to help possibly? It might, but I am fucking poor so that is out of the question.

No, it would seem the only thing that people who aren't able to send money to organizations or do the actual science necessary to figure out causation for these afflictions is to be little fucking cheerleaders.

Now lets be clear. I am not saying that awareness is a total loss. I know really good people afflicted by shit that hardly anyone has ever heard of. Awareness that those conditions exist and are in need of some study and funding for such studies is immensely necessary.

My issue is with the crotch goblins who promote breast cancer awareness and other things that everyone already knows about. Breast cancer is fucking everywhere. Its almost a business in itself. These people should almost want breast cancer to not have a cure. So they can continue to sell t-shirts with cute phrases and bottles of salad dressing. For fucks sake there is an entire month of breast cancer awareness. The fucking stores change their decor to fit the celebration. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

We will just save the other months of the year for every other fucking kind of cancer. What color ribbon is it for every other cancer? I bet you don't fucking know.

We have reached the point when awareness is more important than actual science. We would rather throw a party than actually cure anything. Because the one thing I never hear from the awareness junkies is what progress has been made. Yeah you raised such and such for charity but where is the progress that money achieved. You don't know? Somebody ought to fucking know and they need to crawl out of their fucking hole and tell us. Because if I have to see a woman wearing another pink shirt with 20000 ribbons on it. sporting pink sunglasses, a pink fucking feather boa, a feathery hat and holding a sign up with the same cute catchphrase that her shirt has on it for the rest of my life...I just might lose it one day.

"I'm sorry are you aware about all these diseases?" Yes I am. Are you aware that you are a fucking useless cock blister? I am waiting. No, I don't want to win a pink vespa. So nice that the proceeds you wanted to help cure the disease you're fighting went towards the purchase of a pink vespa that could be won in a contest.

Fuck you!

With deep and abiding affection,


  1. I agree. I think if you REALLY care about a cause - you should either put your money where your mouth is (without wanting to WIN something) or volunteer and actually fricking DO something!

  2. Don't agree. Awareness is something good, because their really are people out there that don't know, even in this day and age where everything is plastered everywhere. You can't imagine how much mistruth is out there, or maybe you can.
    With that being said, I do have a problem. If you are going to raise awareness about issues then make you campaign about informing people of the truth. Austism is a perfectly good example. How many people are aware that most late onset autism is actually poisoning/brain damage from vaccines? The symptoms of
    autism are the same as heavy metal poisoning.
    Second problem, of which I concur actually is if you are going to raise money with an awareness campaign make damn sure that money goes to research and treatment if their is one. Raising money for more awareness is pointless.

  3. The Vaccine theory has been dispelled repeatedly. Autism is just getting so ridiculously common that people are grasping at straws looking for someone or something to blame. I am the mother of a son with Asperger's Syndrome (in the autism spectrum) and from what I have discovered about autism, it is as likely that preservatives in FOOD might have had as much of a hand in Andy's conditions as vaccines might have. And it is just as likely that my kid was cursed with a bad set of genes. End of story.

    The truth is we still don't know and not enough money is being thrown at Autism. We are all aware of it. We need to stop pussyfooting around it and placing blame and try to fix the problem.

  4. THANK YOU GABE! Once again, you are the master.

    Also, mistruth is not the same as not being aware. Just knowing that the condition is out there is awareness. Having an understanding of what the condition is, is more than just being aware.

    And Vaccines do not cause Autism. That right there is the misguided "truths" that so many of the hysterical fanatics want us to believe. Which is also why there is an alarming rise of diseases that can be prevented through vaccination, not to mention the deaths of those children who contract those diseases.

    Autism is Hereditary, plain and simple. Research has shown that it is most likely caused by a recessive gene. It explains why one family can have multiple children with the condition and another only have one out of their two, three, four (etc) children. Recessive genes work that way. Isolating the exact gene has been difficult but there is enough substantial evidence to prove that this is not just a theory.

    And before you jump all over me, calling me names and telling me I'm misinformed and misguided, let me tell you this: My own Father has Aspergers. A mild form. As does one of my three nephews. My youngest nephew is SEVERELY autistic but high-functioning. Think Rain-man. So do NOT think for one second I do not know what I'm talking about. For the last 15 years, when my eldest nephew was diagnosed, our entire family embarked on finding information. We craved information and we found plenty of it. My Father went the majority of his life not knowing that he even had a condition. We always knew Dad was a little.... 'different', but it wasn't until my nephew - his clone - was diagnosed that we all went "Aha!".

    Not to mention that my SIL does nothing BUT Special Education. Her job is to help develop IEP's for special needs children.

  5. I have a child with late onset that was "cured" by detoxing. I do agree with the food preservatives though. I also know what the research says, the real stuff. Not the garbage that they like to put out to the media.The dispelling studies were not independent. They were either done my the big companies or funded by them. With pharmaceuticals as the 2nd biggest economy in the world we should wonder why there isn't a "cure" yet? I truly believe cures won't come from Western (Allopathic)medicine, solely because they don't have the right approach to fixing the body. It is why I believe so strongly in alternative medicine and orthomolecular science. That is not to say that autism is also caused by genes.

    But I digress, I think the best awareness campaign would be us non-allopathic followers to get the word out. No money involved. Just go try the "other" way and see what happens.

    Oh, and to show just how screwed up Western Medicine and the drug companies are here's a tidbit, AIDS was purposely brought into this country by Merck.

  6. Wow. I kind of feel sorry for you. I know that there is some shifty stuff that goes on but to accuse someone of INTENTIONALLY causing AIDS??? Do you belong to the Tea Party too? I bet they have some more "truths" that you would be willing to believe.

  7. Oh. And I am a HUGE believer in alternative medicines and am not one to jump to drug myself or my kids . . . BUT . . . do NOT start spouting conspiracy theory BS because all that does, my friend, is diminish ANY good you may have just done and makes you sound like a loon.

  8. Not to mention that Autism currently can NOT be Cured, " or not. You sound a lot like that loon Jenny McCarthy, who's own son, by the way, was MISdiagnosed as being autistic and was also "cured" by some supposed treatment.

    I'm all for homeopathic treatments and alternative medicines, but seriously? I mean, I believe that there are some conspiracy theories that have a bit of truth behind them, but that one took the cake.