Tuesday, December 7, 2010

christmas vs. xmas...which side are you on.

My winner of the blog contest said she was having an argument with a relative about the words Christmas and Xmas. Her relative said some variation on the quote' "if you forget the Christ in Christmas than Christ might forget you." Rather a harsh statement if you ask me. Especially coming from a christian.

Now for a moment let me focus on just the words. Christmas and Xmas, if you believe they are the same thing, are a ridiculous jackassed pairing. It would seem that in further shortening and cutesying of our language that we believe the letter x having really no sound of its own can take the place of anything. With all the fucking places x has been it must be the fucking superman of letters. You mean it can sound like a z, a k-s sound, and apparently the the entire fucking word Christ.

Let me just piss of any true believers for a second and now make the suggestion we start referring to Malcolm X as Malcolm Christ.......yeah, fuck you too.

So linguistically the swap from Christmas to Xmas doesn't work for me. But that is if you view them to be the same thing.

I however don't believe them to be the same thing.

Christmas is the celebration by Christians and their kin to mark the day of Jesus' birth. (Hang on, I will get to that in a minute you impatient fucksticks.) It is the religious holiday for those of the christian faith. These are the people who shove Jesus in your fucking face and say shit like "he's the reason for the season."

Xmas is the celebration of the same day but is for the secular crowd who don't believe in Christianity but don't wanna pass up a good party or the chance to shop. They get saddled with the burden of why Christmas has become so fucking over commercialized as well as the fact that there is a non existent "war on Christmas."

Now both of these have there crosses to bear. (No pun intended) The Christians are overbearing shit guzzlers who feel it is necessary to remind us that they are celebrating the birth of their savior. Despite the fact that most scholars can't really pin down the man's birthday. I have heard that is actually during the summer, I have heard that it is probably in early fall. For sure though we can remember one thing. And that is that religion has lied to us before. Religion will do what it wants in order to get an end result. So the Christians absconded with the winter solstice celebration in order to give the holiday a religious bent. So Jesus is powerful enough to change his fucking birthday to whenever he wants, since we don't know when it is anyway, and in the same swift stroke beat out the pagans for a holiday because evidently the Christians could throw a better party and make everyone forget about the pagan rituals just up the street on December 21st. But don't remind the Christians that a lot of their Christmas traditions still come from pagan lore. That will be our little secret. it upsets them too much and they tend to start crying.

Then the secularists come along with there big business and there tendency to shorten words to make them fit on various purchasable objects and take the Christ right out of the season. Which seemed to disappear quite easily if you ask me. I mean fuck! Give the Christians 30% off and they run screaming to the store just as fast as the non-believers. But they also gave the Christians something to bitch about. And Christians LOVE to bitch about things. They bitch that people forget why we are celebrating. They bitch that they can't scream merry Christmas at you in stores because it might offend non Christians. They bitch that people buy too much shit and don't go to fucking church enough. They bitch that it would seem secularists are doing to them exactly what they did to the fucking pagans a couple thousand years ago.

Fuck off!

Look...I like the holiday no matter what name you put it under. The decorations put up. The lights. The shopping for people you love. The charity given to others. It is all fine by me. So why ruin it with fucking semantics. Who cares what the fucking reason is. Give til it hurts and then give some more. Love others and be a decent person. After all the teachings are more important than the man himself. We should be following ideas not people. And we should not be ashamed to celebrate a holiday that at its heart is just about giving and kindness no matter what your religious beliefs.

I guarantee if you forget the Christ in Christmas Christ won't forget you. But you might get to say it to more people in public. Because if it isn't about Christ then everyone can get on board. And if everyone is on board then we can stop fighting each other and focus on what is really important.

Happy Holidays

With deep and abiding affection,

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