Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fair Weather Fuck You

Today we talk about fair weather and fake friends. In my world I call these people acquaintances and don't spend too much time with them. However my good friend Kate Holland has requested I talk about these leeches. You all know one of these people. the type who only calls hen their life sucks and they need you to give the advice they won't follow. The person who magically calls you when things are going well in your life so that they can either screw it up or get something out of it.

Or even worse the fucking people who call themselves your friend and then drop you for the stupidest fucking reason possible.

Its hard for me to get upset at anyone else but myself when it comes to this topic. I have lost some important people in my life due to shitty choices I made. I can never undo those choices and I can never make up for what I have done. I can only say I am sorry and what a jackass I have been. But that isn't enough to mend the bonds of friendship.

However when I see others doing this type of damage to their friends and loved ones it drives me fucking insane. Do you not see where you will fucking end up? Do you not see that if you break those bonds they cannot be mended. I have sat idly by and watched good friends just fade from my life and I cannot bear the thought of letting you people go through the same thing if you can help it.

Please stop. Forget your fucking feelings or your useless pride. If you have a friend that you are pushing away because of some jackass reason, please stop being such a used tampon biter swallow your pride and call them. Don't even talk about the issue. Act like a goddamned friend and see what they have been up to. Please take a chance. End your fucktarded jealousy or useless cunt numbing excuses bite the bullet and be a human fucking being for once in your miserable dick smooching life.

As for the other kind of friend...the ones who don't call you unless they need something. Fuck them. They aren't friends they are useless suck hounds who aren't worth the meat they are carrying on those useless bones.

I have a friend who is currently being pushed away by someone. All for the dumbest reason possible. All it is doing is hurting my friend. And I don't care about the reasons the pusher has for leaving my friend in the cold. It isn't right. I just hope that the person reads this and takes a cue from my experience.

Because there was once I had a really good friend who made a mistake and offended the woman I was married too. But instead of talking to him and working things out she shut my friend out. So I did the same out of anger and because I thought it was what I was expected to do. It has been 3 years now. I am getting divorced. I thought I could hash things out with my friend once again. I was wrong. Now I can never get that back. I miss him every day. I remember all the times he had my back and I had his. And It is all gone because of 2 mistakes (1 his and 1 mine) and 3 years of silence.

I have no problems with cutting someone out your life for legit reasons. I just ask that those reasons be considered heavily before you break something that can't be fixed.

Merry Christmas and remember your loyalty, your love, and your friendship are the most important things in the world.

With deep and abiding affection,

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