Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't ask, Fuck you.

I am not in the military and never have even desired to choose that path. Both my father and brother have served in the navy. My brother still currently does. Despite those facts I know almost nothing about what it takes to serve our country. I know that it is a job that is currently beyond me, and always has been.

However, there are those who have the ability and the drive to take on such a task. And some of them like to fuck members of the same sex. Now it seems to me that we should let these people in and serve. Without judging them their predilections. Because a person who wants to serve their country is beyond such judgements. They carry in them a desire that demands them to risk their life for others like me who cannot. That sort of selfless nature is beyond judgement. You cannot hate a person who will protect the rights of someone they don't know, without question.

Now the Don't ask, Don't tell policy was monumental when it came about. Of course, it is a flawed fucking argument, but the steps to change can't be perfect right away. Compromise is sloppy and takes time. But now we have reached the point where real change can occur and the government in its wisdom went into their voting hall and as they were just about to make change apparently slipped and accidentally put their head up their fucking asses. Again.

This is America you fucking cockholes! The document that declared our freedom stated that we are all fucking equal, and these people cant seem to interpret that statement. People have a fundamental right to pursue the life they want whether that means owning guns or fucking a member of the same sex. Those rights are absolute.

But we are stuck because the people in power put a  premium on political posturing and maneuvering. They continue to fuck us with their mind games and bullshit  tactics. I am sorry but the word freedom has only one definition.and while I may not fundamentally agree with the choices some make I am not allowed to make those decisions for them. The government is supposed to do everything it can to protect us. All it is doing now is keeping a catchphrase in place that allows for the thinning of the ranks and subsequently the weakening of our protection.

I don't fucking care what mind numbing fucking excuse you have against gays! That is an argument for another time. All I am saying right now is that our government is hurting us. And they need to fucking fix it. They need to fucking fix the policies that make us weaker and stop parading around like fucking peacocks so they can get elected next term.

With deep and abiding affection,


  1. AMEN!

    I served for a very short period of time but I'm currently still "married" to the Navy as my Husband serves. Several of his former coworkers who did their time have "come out" since they were HONORABLY discharged. I know of at least one, if not a few more, than served openly gay and were never discharged or denied a promotion because of it. On my husbands vessel, they had someone who really was gay but was also desperate to get out. He went to the Commanding Officer, disclosed his sexual orientation in hopes of a quick reprimand and a discharge but instead was told, instead "You're a good sailor and it doesn't affect your work."

    Yes, you CAN openly serve and should be allowed to do so. What astounds me is this: The same parading peacocks are also extreme hypocrites. They don't want the Military to serve openly because it forces them themselves to look long and hard at their own sexual orientation and if they can force someone else to live a lie - by not allowing gays to serve while being open and honest about their sexual orientation - then it's also alright that they are not being open and honest about theirs. Especially those right-wing bigots.

  2. I think we need to enforce the ability for anyone to feel safe and secure no matter what their orientation no matter where they are. I don't think I should have to be grilled on my sexual orientation by a (mutual) relative just because I said I'm not interested in dating. Of course I'm not interested in dating, I have a freaking brain disease and a problem with my heart and a) what person is going to be interested in me with all that baggage also b) both contribute to the fact I have neither time nor energy to seek anyone out. It's my business if I'm not interested in dating, and it's my business which sex I'm interested in. (Sorry for the rant, Gabe, but I'm just pissed off that someone has the gall to ask me in an accusing voice if I'm gay when I say I'm not interested in dating. First of all it shouldn't matter whether I am or not, and second of all, it's my own damn business and said person should be minding their own business, not mine. And btw I miss you, hope you're having a halfway decent week *hugs*)