Thursday, September 9, 2010

If you are going to tell a lie... at least make it believable, dumbass!

I think its admirable of Terry Jones to call off his book burning. Unfortunately he was too stupid to just admit that it was a bad fucking idea. No, he had to go and lie about the New York mosque agreeing to build elsewhere. Something the Imam completely denied. FUCK! He couldn't just say he was catching to much flack for his fucktarded idea to burn books. AND couldn't come up with a passable lie. Truly another fucking useless shit cock from Florida.

How many more of those do we get to suffer through huh? I swear there is a reason Florida is shaped like a giant dick. Now I know why so many hurricanes pass through there. Because giant dicks are prone to getting blown more often.

Maybe its just the fact that I am getting older and paying more to the political landscape but the amount of controversy and corruption seems to have exploded lately. I am so glad that I don't live in a Carolina or in Chicago, for fuck's sake. Though I admit that this level of corruption has existed in the past, what I can't believe is that people could be so horrible at lying about shit.

Now anyone trying to make an illegal dollar off of the American taxpayer should be locked up in my opinion. It's the sex scandals i can let slide. Everyone on earth likes to fuck no matter how much they don't want you to know about it.

I understand people wanting to have whatever illicit affairs with men or women or whatever. These people are sociopathic for running for office anyway. But at least think about what you are doing first, fuckers. Have a good story if you get caught.

I mean Jesus tits! Did Mark Sanford think of the Appalachian lie before hopping on a plane to Argen-fucking-tina. I am pretty sure he didn't. Shit Mark Foley (from florida) left a trail of dirty texts and emails so large that it could have been considered a four lane fucking highway right to him.

That is just two in the last couple of years. Larry Craig, John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer, Mark Souder...hmmm maybe we should stop electing guys named Mark. Anyway my point is that lying is a dying art. So few people are good at it anymore.

Now some cunt waffle in florida who wanted to prove something through the burning of books (always an enlightening event...just ask Hitler and thousands of other religious fear mongers) decides maybe this thing I've got planned is not such a good idea. But instead of just admitting that it was idiotic, I need to come up with a lie. I have it! I will tell them that the mosque in New York is going to build elsewhere. No one can refute that.

Guess again bitch. By the way. I know you aren't reading this but I will say it anyway. Your pathetic attempt to reach a mass audience has just resulted in your shame and humiliation. If I were you I would shave that Yosemite Sam mustache and hide somewhere in a foreign country. Or you could just kill yourself. You fucking useless piece of shit.

Bottom line: If you are going to lie to the American public, remember that we may be idiots but we aren't fucking brainless.

With deep and abiding affection,

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