Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Read before you breed

Hello everyone. Our Favorite Dread Pirate has asked me to fill in for him today so I hope that I can live up to his standards. My expletives are not as colorful as his and I have better sentence structure skills so please forgive my lack of “creative word usage.” Okay so here goes . . .

Filicide is the deliberate act of a parent killing their own son or daughter.

In recent months there have been TWO cases of a toddler being beaten to death by a parent for doing what toddlers do – being toddlers. A “mother” beat her 13-MONTH-OLD son to death with a fucking DVD case and threw him up against the wall because he “vomited on her after taking a bottle.”  A “father” killed his 24 month old daughter because she “refused to eat her dinner.”

And that was just HERE.

A few years ago, there was a story of a Fort Worth mom who cut the arms off of her newborn with a kitchen knife and was trying to cut off her own because “Jesus told her to.” Susan Smith drowned her kids because her boyfriend threatened to leave her. Andrea Yates drowned her 5 young kids because after years and years of suffering from post-partum depression (and continuing to have kids – I could SLAP that asshole now-ex-husband of hers for not keeping his dick in his pants and not getting his wife the help she so obviously needed,) she finally snapped out.

I get it. Land of the free. Everyone has the “right” to be a parent. Right?

I just think it is utter and complete bullshit. You need a fucking license to drive a car but all you have to be able to do is lie down and spread ‘em and that qualifies you for parenthood??

I swear to God, there should be a fucking TEST people have to take before being allowed to take their kids out of the fucking hospital. Just the basics. I am not talking cloth vs. disposables or breast vs. bottle vaccine vs. non-vaccine. Just standard “you should know this before you spend any time alone with a baby” questions.

Q: which end does the diaper go on?
Q: should you have your baby in your lap while riding in a car?
Q:  Is it safe to put beer in a baby’s bottle? (the answer to that one is NO – I don’t give a shit how tired you are and how much you need the baby to sleep – getting an infant DRUNK to make them nap is never okay)
Q: is it ever fucking a good idea to throw a baby up against a wall, you stupid cunt!?!

If you cannot answer those simple questions correctly, then the baby should be given to one of the many couples (gay or straight – I don’t give a shit which) who WANT a baby desperately and you should have your twat permanently sutured or your dick cut off and fed to a rabid dachshund in FRONT of you so that you can NEVER breed again.

Stop blaming Child Protective Services and Society and Single Moms and MTV start blaming the real culprits – the ridiculously stupid and selfish fucknuggets who treat children like property that can just be disposed of when they stop being “cute” and have no clue what parenting (or being a human fucking being for that matter) looks like.

Take some fucking responsibility for your own life, get help if you need it and stop taking your aggression out on your kids, you worthless pieces of shit.

With deep and abiding affection,


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  1. Very well said. I also think there should be random alchohol and drug tests during pregnancy to prevent any more of the sadly preventable developmental issues that are on the rise, such as fetal alchohol syndrom.