Sunday, September 5, 2010

seriously folks!

I was plannning on doing a piece on guys and their significant need to be macho and idiotic through their entire lives but another subject has become more pressing. I promise the subject of men will come up tomorrow.

I have been alerted to the fact that my point is not actually coming across in some of these blogs. You may notice a little less vitriol in this post and for that I am sorry. But I needed to finish hammering home a few points.

The world has some preconceived notions in it. Notions I would like to stifle. People who believe that there religion is common sense and is ok to rub in the faces of everyone they come across. People who are actually moderately religious but stay silent when extremists kill in the name of their god. The god they are supposed to believe in is twisted and they stay silent.

People who think that the public forum of politcal debate means using tactics instead of just stating one's opinion regardless of what gets you a position in public office. People motivated to act in what they think is the publics best interest without studying the real consequences of actions.

And as always my biggest gripe: people who place themself on a pedastal and think they are somehow better than everyone because of money, color, social standing, or accidental attributes they were given at birth. which is of course completely untrue.

As I explained to a good friend of mine who's feelings I hurt because of my ranting: I speak this way to you all to wake you up. I hammer my points in but I don't always make them. I aim to offend for the sheer purpose of giving you something to think about and to question what myself and others are saying.

I make a lot of points that no one in their right mind would believe. But I say them in hopes to either make you laugh or to make you angry or to make you sad. I want to elicit a reaction to stir up your life. Make me a hero. Paint me as a villain. I don't care. Just stop pretending that everything in your world is fine. Because it isn't. Which points are ridiculous is up to you to figure out.

I am merely barking in the dark. Either you will laugh or stomp away angry and never read this page again. I make no apology but I do say in great earnestness, please learn something. Go out and prove me wrong. I want you to. I want the argument. I want the argument partly because its fun and partly because i want to learn what others think. However, I also want to know when you think I am right.

At heart I am a performer. When I can't perform live to feel an audiences reactions. I move on to the printed page to get them that way. That is all it is.

Today I couldn't muster the rage. I couldn't. Which is the other part of what I am supposed to be doing. Tomorrow we will bring you back to my regularly scheduled psychosis.

With deep and abiding affection,

P.S. The guilt inside of me made me write most of this, so prepare in the coming weeks for a blog entitled Fuck guilt!

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