Monday, September 27, 2010

For your consideration.

I am going to tell you two stories from this weekend that will seem not to have anything to do with each other but watch as I make them one topic.

On Friday there was a news report that it was national punctuation day. Already I could feel myself tightening up but stick with me. They suggested that the proper way to celebrate national useless fucking holiday for a piece of shit reason was to go into stores and places of business and correct the owner on punctuation on their signs. I pictured a lot of people getting punched that day. A lot of self serving pricks with a smug sense of superiority because they knew the proper use of a comma. Fuck you people. I may not be the best at punctuation(in fact i am probably one of the worst.) but what gives you the right to pick a day and choose to be a smug asshole to others for some arbitrary reason?

On Saturday I was at work going for a ride with my clients in the company van. We were low on gas and had to stop to fill the tank. Now the gas station was at a standstill so i chose a place to be and waited for the guy in front of me to pump his gas and get the fuck out of my way. We arrived at the gas station at 10:30 am. We left at 10:58 am. I obviously chose wrong as I watched a 900 year old fuckbucket put the nozzle in his gas tank, go inside the store., hang out in there for 10 minutes, come back and write a note on a pad of paper, pull nozzle out of car, look at pump and press the button, put nozzle back in car, pump gas, put nozzle away, get in car, write another note on his pad of paper, and pull away. When I got to the pump he had pumped $5 of gas. $5 fucking dollars! 20 minutes of my life were now gone because a 900 year old man has a system.

What is it that makes people not consider others? The answer is 2 things. Smug sense of superiority and obliviousness. It really isnt stupidity. I can fucking forgive stupidity. When you do everything you actively can to piss off other people or don't give enough of a shit to look at your surroundings, and realize their are other people in this world. That is what makes me crazy.

I really cannot decide which I hate more. Because on the one hand, if you think you are better than everyone you are at least aware that others exist. You just choose to be a bitchmop rather than be a decent human being. Which is a totally fuckwad thing to do.

But on the other hand, if you are oblivious to others around you, you are treating others like shit and don't even care to look their way. You just sit there in your blissful fuckstick ignorance while everyone is forced to go around you.  You fucking useless bag of abortions!

I am not asking people to change. Just fucking think before you open your fucking face to chide someone for a no good reason. And to the oblivious: just fucking think period.

With deep and abiding affection,

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