Friday, September 10, 2010

Sex and violence: the word decency means nothing

I am sitting here stewing over the idea that violence is OK and sex isn't. Not all violence of course. Just television violence. Violence in video games is bad as everyone who jumps to conclusions over bullshit knows. And real life violence is bad as long as it doesn't affect my constitutional right to open carry a bazooka through town.

However, sex will melt a child's brain within seconds and turn your toddler into a prostitute before your very eyes. The mere image of gay men and women will turn you and your child into a god-hating butt-fucking Nancy boy or rug-munching bull dyke respectively.

This is of course fucking ludicrous. But it is what people would have you believe. Now maybe I am writing this just so I can see tits on network television in the middle of the afternoon. I will not discount the fact that such an occurrence would make me overjoyed. However, I know that this is a pipe dream.

The powers that be have ruled that i can watch any number of people get shot or stabbed or whatever fucking mode of death they want to choose. I can see dead bodies get autopsied and studied (minus their naughty bits). All for hours on end. But a nipple at the super bowl gets discussed as though we watched JFK get shot all over again.

What the fuck is wrong with you people. Everyone on the planet fucks. In multiple positions. Everyone. Except People who take vows of celibacy then they just think about fucking a lot. (or even worse they start fucking your kid after mass.)

Why is sex a taboo thing? Why? FOR FUCKS SAKE WHY? I wanna know and I wanna know now.

Humans are meant to fuck each other. That is what we do, we fuck and fuck and suck have some food and fuck some more. We go to work we raise our kids we create and invent the things that shape our world...And then WE FUCK MORE!

But wait with all of that going on...when do we have time to praise god? God is apparently against sex. Unless it makes another human being who is being born to a married couple.

I am sorry but sex is to big a concept to give to those who have free will. While your at it why don't you give a gun and several bullets to a six year old and tell them to go out in the yard and play. Some might argue that we must exercise restraint. Fuck you! Restraint from having sex with whomever I choose and not harming anyone. Or restraint from kicking you right in the fucking teeth for saying stupid shit to me. Believe me God knew what to expect by inventing sex. If you believe in God, do you really believe he didn't see what would happen.

My point is that consensual adult activities don't hurt anyone. Neither does explosions on television or gun play in video games. It is nonsensical rhetoric and intolerance that hurts people. It is those people who believe so strongly in something without question that cause real violence. From the people who blow up buildings and set fires. All the way down to the people who beat up and kill someone because they are different.

We don't need to regulate the airwaves. We just need mutual respect for one another. But sadly that will never happen. Because there are just too many fucking twat heads out there.

With deep and abiding affection

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