Friday, September 24, 2010

Personal responsibilty. Try it sometime.

I used to be skinny. So skinny that people thought I was borderline unhealthy. But I walked everywhere. I ate anything I wanted and I walked about 6 miles a day. More exercise from dance classes and I was considerably healthy. Now, I own a car and I still eat what I want and I don't take dance classes and I am pudgy. You know whose fault that is? Mine. See that is an example of accepting responsibility for your own situation. You are all in situations like this and the only person who is ever responsible for the power to initiate change is YOU!

Let's abolish the fucking idea that others are to blame for your lot in life shall we? Others may be responsible for getting you there. But only you, keep yourself in that position. Only you accept your limitations and let them beat you down. And only you can start bucking that trend.

This is an era of lawsuits and placing blame everywhere you look. Politicians play the blame game. Corporations scapegoat each other or their employees. I would hope we would strive to be better than that. Unfortunately we don't.

We live in a fucking country where we need warnings on packages that are absolutely fucking ludicrous. I am aware I shouldn't use my hair dryer in the shower or while I am sleeping. Did I really need to be told that on the box? Apparently, because some dipshit tried it and set themself on fire somewhere and held the company responsible.

News flash: YOU SET YOURSELF ON FIRE DILDO SLIME! That is no ones fault but yours.

Here are some more things you should be aware of: fire is hot, water is wet, pointy things can cut you, and you are fucking stupid.

Now personal responsibility is always a factor. Even when the scenario isn't your fault. I may be accused of blaming the victim but at this point I don't care. Many people in this world have deep serious emotional and physical issues and are in need of help. Those people are blameless. UNLESS they refuse to get help. Then fuck 'em they are open to my derision. And they could honestly do me a favor and shut their fucking mouths.

Now some others have problems of a perceived nature (that don't exist) and they still do nothing about it. That is a double fuck you. I have no patience for you. If you are going to create a problem that isn't there and then do nothing to change it. That just spits in the face of everything that is decent. You aren't troubled, you're a fucking drama queen and you could use a kick in the head.

Look, life comes with disappointment and accidents and cruel motherfuckers everywhere you go. Somewhere along the way you are gonna get fucked in a place you don't want to be. Now that it's done. What are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna be a big sensitive pussy and cry in the corner? Are you gonna be an arrogant pisshead and sue somebody who had nothing to do with your unfortunate circumstance?

Or are you gonna be a noble human fucking being that stands up, dusts themself off, and finds a knowledgeable friend or therapist to talk to. If you are gonna pick one of the first 2 options then prepare for me to show up where you are, and break your back. If you're gonna act like a spineless turd I might as well fulfill your wish.

Here I am! Your pissed off genie. Ready to make your one wish of having to rely on everyone else for the rest of your life come true. If you are gonna hold us accountable for your fucked up existence, we might as well have that much power over you anyway.

With deep and abiding affection,

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