Tuesday, August 17, 2010

decency fffft!

Hello mostly people.

Most of today was spent doing fun things or doing crap I cant talk about on this blog so as not to breach my confidentiality agreement.

However on a positive note, this blog seems to be doing what it is intended for.

There will be several topics covered tonight.

Now on with the show. A LOT of you may disagree with me on this but when, for fucks sake when...did it become OK to wander around in public in your fucking pajamas? I understand the theory of comfort. I do. but these are truly the ugliest clothes you own. You gotta have a lot of confidence in your appearance to think that this will be OK. Or you gotta have a major disdain for those around you to just wander around looking your absolute worst. This just baffles me. All pajamas make me think of as a statement is "look at me I don't shower . I just getup and walk the fuck out the door." Put some fucking clothes on it isn't that hard.

At my work we watch a lot of food network. First off: fuck Rachael Ray. And second I am sick to death of that bitch Giada De Lafuckface. I don't care if you think shes pretty, or has good tips, or that she can cook. I am not here to argue any of that. What I am here to talk about is her and the people like her who absolutely must pronounce every fucking foreign word with the accent of its country of origin. When she says any Italian word its like she becomes an Italian cartoon character. Its like the super Mario bros. jumped up her ass. Please just say the word normally and stop pretending like you know any better than the rest of us because you can fake the accent you fuck bucket of cunts.

(sorry mom Samantha asked me to use the term it makes her laugh)

(sorry Samantha I had to blame someone)

Its election season here and I would just like to say if you think you are helping your candidate by putting those fucking sign in peoples yards, and on the side of the road, I hope you get hit by a truck. Your actions used to have a name, and it wasn't politicking it was littering.

Today in the news the president came to visit Washington. Some cock knocker flew a Cessna into restricted airspace to impress his girlfriend and two fighters created a sonic boom in order to go combat said cock knocker out of restricted airspace. Every dick in the Pierce and King county area lit up the 911 lines and brought down the system temporarily. To quote a conversation I had with a friend of mine:

Me: I thought the purpose of 911 as to call when you see an incident happen. Not call and say I heard a noise.
Cal: exactly furthermore if you hear a noise come from a military base there's only 2 possibilities either they got shit under control or everything is fucked and you need to kiss your ass goodbye.

911 is for emergencies in progress assfuck. Not because you're a paranoid cum bubble who can't tune your television away from the soaps for one minute to find a station that is reporting what that sound was. Incidentally my boss was watching a soap at the time and they interrupted to tell us. So how bout you fuckers be patient for the first time in your life. P.S. I fucking hate General Hospital

These are the things that irritated me today.

If you voted today good for you
if you didn't, fuck you and don't bitch about shit to me later.
If you are like me and your vote by mail ballot never showed up...this fucking system sucks and I will bitch whenever I feel like it.

With deep and abiding affection

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