Monday, August 23, 2010

I hate your children.

I don't have kids.

I don't want them. They aren't for me. Yet there seems to be some fucking rule in this society that unless you have them. Everyone on earth will fuck you in some way.

For example, I am a poor sonofabitch. I never fucking have money and yet I got fucked by the government for the last 2 years on taxes. People I know with kids in my same position get gigantic fucking refunds every year.

Why Are they rewarded for that? You spawned another consumer and we will reward your effort accordingly. Now I pay taxes for your little shit basket every year. I am also made to feel guilty that teachers aren't paid enough. They have a hard job because often times they have to deal with your little vagina clones more than you do. But should I pay for that? Fuck no! You pay for it with your fat ass check from the government. It shouldn't be on me if your child is fucking stupid. And why should I pay because you can't use a condom or birth control.

Its also because of children that every social stigma gains any ground in this society. The minute you do anything questionable in this world it then becomes a matter of how it affects children.

Apparently my freedom of speech doesn't apply when your kids are around. I can't say fuck around your pure innocent child. Let me tell you something that little thing you had has an ass that shits, it has a dick or a vagina, and it has a brain that collects information. one day it will both say the word fuck and perform the action so don't sit there and pretend that your child is the fucking second coming and will rescue us from the sin in our lives. Chances are they will be like every other kid and learn how to say fuck on the playground. Learn what fuck means from a dirty magazine that they discover, and learn how to clumsily fuck once they reach high school. No one is immune. They are now and will soon prove what dirty little fucks they truly are.

I am so tired of children. I am tired of people acting like they know more about life because they had them. FUCK OFF! Just because you fucked once and squirted out a miniature version of yourself ( a gigantic act of egotism by the way) Makes you no smarter than me. Your life experience is simply different.

Look I know the importance of children is to keep the species going. But the children are not our future contrary to popular belief. Your future is death, and a few generations will pass, and your great great great grandchildren won't even fucking know your name. The children are the the children's future. Your future is already ahead of you. Mine is already ahead of me.

The only difference? I can go where I want when I want without a babysitter needing to be paid. What is your up side. I don't know. And frankly I don't care. Enjoy. Have fun. But don't pretend that I am a second class citizen because I am more careful when I fuck. That is all I ask.

Yes, I agree your kids are cute.

Still don't want them. I just want my fucking money back

With deep and abiding affection,

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