Saturday, August 28, 2010

Religion Part 2 : Starting fights

No religion exists in moderation.

A conversation with a friend of mine about Islam opened my eyes a little bit. He was telling me about Shari'a law, (the laws followed by Islam) and the basic human rights violations that exist within it. The oppression of women and so forth. It was his intention to convince me, I believe, that at its heart Islam is a religion steeped in violence. Also that they cannot exist as moderate Muslims while still following such laws. Without having done the research it is a safe assumption to make. However this is not what opened my eyes.

Further rumination on the subject made me say to myself, "Hang on a minute. Jews have oppressed women since the beginning. Christians can be fascists as well."

therefore it is my intention to show you, the reader, that every religion or faith has a history of violence.That each has a tendency to turn its followers into warriors from the very beginning. Don't believe me? Go tell an everyday christian that their beliefs are bullshit and watch them begin to froth at the mouth. Then watch as they look for something fucking heavy to hit you with. The same with Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and followers of Oprah.

Lets start with the biggest hypocrites there are. Early Christian history contains so many stories of fucked up thinking. Yet these fuckers just try to gloss over them and hope you don't notice. Followers of Christ forgot the so called lessons of there savior in order to kill Muslims, Jews and every other motherfucker who had a different opinion.

The Crusades! Where Christians invaded entire fucking regions in order to spread the love of Jesus with axes, swords, and arrows. The Inquisition! Where it was perfectly OK to torture non-believers and converts until they died, or you were satisfied that the fucker was telling the truth.

Oh, but that was oh so long ago. Christians in the last few hundred years learned there lesson didn't they? Cut to: The Reformation! Where protestants and catholics began their tradition of killing each other. A trend that has continued in lovely places like Belfast, Ireland. The witch trials of Salem! Where there were the burning of heretics. A lovely past time that has been in Christianity since the beginning. Need newer examples? The fucking Holocaust! The Nazis were not Buddhists or Muslim they were god (and apparently Jew) fearing Christians. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

But Gabriel...that was so long ago still. How about now? Surely Christians are more tolerant now. Cut to: News stories about abortion clinics bombed. Matthew Shepard and others like him tortured, humiliated and killed. Love peddling Christians were behind Jim Crow and separatism in this country. And they still hate witches. My God they hate them some witches!

But don't worry there are moderate Christians these are all stories of radicals. Gee, where have I heard this story before? Oh yeah!


Now I will admit I don't know much about the Islamic faith and can't really speak to the central beliefs of the Qu'ran. What I do know is this. Women are oppressed. Free speech is oppressed. Dissenting opinions are fucking oppressed. Homosexuality is oppressed. Racism runs rampant.

Need more? OK. Women are inferior to men. Just ask any Muslim woman who has been mangled or killed for disrespecting the family. Ask any woman who has been denied a job or an education how equal they are politically or socially with their male counterparts. Free speech? Ask the Danes about the ability to depict Mohammad. Homosexuality? Is there a religion on earth that has fully accepted gays anywhere? Dissenting opinion? It is against the Shari'a law to question god. I will let you conjure the punishment for such a hideous crime as say possibly questioning whether or not you wanna stay Muslim.

And Racism. You might argue the fact that the Qu'ran preaches being color blind. Yet I see a lot of hatred between Arabs, Palestinians, Pakistanis, and Asian cultures that follow a color-blind doctrine.

And notice, I went through that whole tirade without even mentioning Islamo-fascists! Something you just need to turn on the news to hear about.


We apparently can't talk about Jews They have gone through so much shit in their existence, from both of the preceding faiths, that they get a free pass.

FUCK YOU! How many goddamned stories do I have to hear about the conflicts between Palestinians and Israelis. Between Lebanon and Israel. Between Israel and the entire god damned middle east region. There is no way that an entire race of people exist for this long with starting a few fights. There is no innocence to be had in the middle east when it comes to their leaders. How long will that violence be perpetuated on BOTH sides.

A friend of mine once told me a story about her visit to Israel where a man who was a Palestinian was invited to tell the group his feelings about Israel. The man was very convincing in his hatred. Then it was revealed the man was not Palestinian. He was an Israeli actor looking to portray the sort of opposition that Israel gets from its enemies.

I'm sorry, but that sounds an awful lot lot indoctrination tactics. Never let it be said that the Jews learned nothing from the Nazis.

Just as a side note: My friend is Jewish and the talk being given was a new feature to group discussions on Israel, and the following question and answer afterward led to the agreement that this feature SHOULD NEVER FUCKING HAPPEN AGAIN!

And while that may be truth, and that form of indoctrination isn't being used anymore. Let me just assert that some dumbass had the idea to do it in the first place. It won't be the last bonehead decision made by the Jewish people or the last bonehead in generalto think of these kinds of exercises either. In Israel or any other country.

In summation:

Buddhists monks are kung fu warriors. Hindus created there own caste system. And Oprah is a mouthy bitch who I can't wait until she retires.

Every religion is steeped in violence and the oppression of part of its population. And while terror and violence are the realm of extremists and fascists. Lets just ask ourselves how these beliefs can be twisted into the fucking evil actions of sociopaths and psychopaths. If the inclination was not bred into them in the first place.

And how can these actions all be attributed to a god that NO ONE HAS EVER FUCKING SEEN!
And it is the same god by the way. So if this is what it takes to follow him? He is an evil prick!

With deep and abiding affection,

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  1. My Only Strong disagreement here is the blaming the Jim Crow laws on Christian. It actually goes to two Presidents, both agnostic if not athiests according to their Journals. Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Jackson. Thank you though for voicing what few think is worth thinking through. I may not agree with all that you are saying personally but love being forced to check my beliefs at the door. But I would ask several questions. Do you not think it takes as much faith to not believe in anything as it does to belive in something? Do you not think that intollerance and hatred of any religion have also accounted for millions of death? Examples would be Russia, China, Vietnam, Korea, Cuba Venezuala......?