Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ha fuckers!

Yesterday I learned that Dr. Laura Schlessinger will be quitting radio at the end of her contract at the end of the year. I am ecstatic about this news. It would seem that she went on a rant to an African American woman about how she was hypersensitive to racial issues and lacked a sense of humour and so therefore should not have married outside of her race (the woman was married to a white man). This diatribe also made her feel the necessity to say the n-word 11 times. And yet when people complained to her sponsors and they pulled their support she claimed a sort of victimization that is so irretrievably stupid as to almost border on paranoia.

So today's topic is language. A subject I am very fond of. I love all words, dirty and otherwise. I like to say certain words. The feel of them in my mouth is exquisite. And yes I get addicted to certain words and wanna say them over and over regardless of the appropriateness.

Now having said that, I also love the N-word. I know I am as shocked as you fuckers. It has this feel of forbidden that i am intrigued by. But I can't say it. The case of the N-word has best been explained as when the 60's came around the black community started to use the word in a positive light to counteract the usage of it by whites which was primarily negative in connotation. And that trend continues today. See you cant say it if you are white because your ancestors fucked it up for you. They used it as an insult to many times. Something dumbasses are working hard on with the word gay. You pricks keep using it to describe bad shit and pretty soon we won't get to use that word either. It already happened with fag.

Look uneducated douchefuckers are stealing our words by destroying their meanings and using them in certain fashions that forever stain them and make them something only used by racists, bigots and homophobes. Misogynists too. This is the root of the PC age. You complain about political correctness but it was all our doing that forced us to speak in certain ways around certain people. If you say the N-word in anger it becomes a word that can only be used in anger unless you balance it with positive connotations.

This is why fuck is so universal it can be used in any fashion. Positive or negative. And It feels great in my mouth. It is a word that has so much power, so much to chew on.

I believe that no words should be against the rules. But I wasn't there at the beginning to help make the rules so I cant. Sorry white folks we can't say Nigger anymore. And yes they can still call you a cracker because god damn't that is funny. Straight white males have to play by rules in language. That is the way it is. Hide under a blanket and say the word If you want. That is what I do. Sort of a verbal masturbation.

And no you don't get to cry racism because they are oppressing your right to say what words you want. You can say them. Just don't be surprised when they exercise their right kick the shit out of a fuckwad like yourself. Just like Dr. Laura can't cry because Media Matters for America went after her sponsors for supporting her hate speech. There is nothing in the constitution that gives you the right to a nationally syndicated radio show.

So in summation, words only carry what the intention behind them is. But remember intentions like everything else are up for interpretation. Other peoples perceptions of what you are saying are just as valid.

So word to the wise, watch your fucking mouth.

With deep and abiding affection,

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