Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's election season...fuck my face.

Well mid-term election time is here. It seems like every year we get a chance to vote on some really major issues. Like this years move to repeal the candy and cigarette tax. You know...hot button issues.


I cannot stand the endless parade of bullshit that makes it into my world. I have already said my peace about the signs on the roadside. My focus now is commercials. The mindless quagmire that proceeds to feed me everything I my need to know in a minute or less. I mean really how much nothing can you fucking say.

I watch as politicians left and right (politically and geographically) Jump into the media with nothing but some unthought out bullshit to spout to the general public. Yes I am aware of the irony, fuck off. I actually think about shit before I say it. Not once have I said anything that I wasn't willing to back up with fact or apologize for being wrong. Not once have I created a word that doesn't exist.

Yes Ms. Palin I am afraid "refudiate" is not an actual word you fucking dolt. Didn't you quit by the way. You lead exactly jackshit and have the intelligence of a jellyfish lying on a beach with a stick in it. Why do I still have to hear you speak. I know the answer is because you are so arbitrarily mind numbing that the media wants to put you on television for the punchline so many get from it.

And she isn't the only one. I watched a fucking commercial today where the douchebag running for senator during a thirty second spot talked about how he grew up in this country working hard with a loving family and that is why he is so angry with what is going on in the senate. He then talked about why he should be elected for exactly 2 seconds before stating his name and then saying he approved this message.

First off dickless everyone is pissed off at what is happening in government for some reason or other. whether they came from a good family and worked hard or not. Just because you live your American dream doesn't mean you are any better at running the country. Secondly...I KNOW YOU APPROVE THE MESSAGE FUCKFACE YOU JUST SAID IT!

I swear you have to be a special kind of stupid to run for office. I am not old enough to remember a president  or any other politician in my sphere who knew enough to just say what they thought and leave it at that. It has all either been prettied up with words about the family or the country or with speeches that try to make the person seem smarter or just as smart as your average Joe. Or it has been sprayed with the slime of negativity so foul it makes you wonder why we aren't roaming around in a post apocalyptic hellscape by now, dueling each other for the chance to wear a crown of leadership in the tribe.

No wonder politicians are a joke. By the way politicians it is no longer cute for you to make fun of yourselves it's just sad. go back to school and do something worthwhile. Go learn to be useful.

I am just tired of having to deal with the shit you people throw at us. It is all a waste of time until you grow the necessary body parts required for you to lead a country.

Until then how about you work on coloring inside the lines. And when your bored with that you can all have graham crackers and read a book suitable for your grade level. I hear George W. knows a good one that won't be over your fucking heads. Something about a pet goat. Fuckers.

With deep and abiding affection,

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