Friday, August 20, 2010

Language Part 2

It absolutely irritates the shit out of me that I have to have an adult content warning before the start of my blog. For Fucks sake it makes me read it before I can look at it for preview.

Now I know if you have been able to stand reading more than a few of my sentences you are OK with the language. I'm preaching to the choir. While we are on the subject can i get a new phrase that means the same thing without the religion attached. I mean what makes the choir so fucking sanctimonious that they don't need preaching to.

I have fucking had it with the thought police who have a god damned miscarriage over words. Now if you think I'm gonna contradict my point from yesterday hang on I will try not to lose you. I am specifically talking about language that has no racial undertones. Words that for no other reason are considered dirty.

Lets start this slow shall we, bitch? Every single Fucking swear word has a meaning.a meaning steeped in the filth and slime that was adhered to it by people who are afraid of the actions behind those words. Anyone who cant say fuck is probably afraid or uncomfortable with the act of sex in any way shape or form.But more than that like no other words in the English language they can have no meaning whatsoever. Half the time I fucking use them they don't mean anything!

How can a word be offensive when it doesn't fucking have a fucking meaning. When it doesn't mean anything it carries no power other than a value to punctuate the sentence being spoken.

Now I can already hear the bullshit argument from you simpering fuckhole mouth breathers..."well if it doesn't mean anything then why use it?" First of all: fuck you, you judgemental prick . And secondly : I "waste my time" with it because I like the words. You can talk poetically or diplomatically or just plainly but words like fuckstick and shitcock and various others, give sentences a kind of power. An exclamation point that says, "Hey, I mean what I just said bitch!"

There is a creativity to these words in their arrangement that is lost on the dumbasses who want to believe they are somehow better than you because they don't sully there verbiage with the stain that is the curse word. But it is really all just ego and fear that drives these people. They believe they are better than you (ego), and they don't want to be seen as socially unacceptable (fear). Or even more ludicrous , they fear that some imaginary omnipresent being will strike them down for nor being worthy of him.

Well guess what fuckers? The very nature of god is to be unworthy of him. So if you believe, you are already fucked. This all just goes right back to the argument of personal freedoms. That is to say I don't fucking live like you so don't believe for one second that your standards are universal. I'm just sick of hearing people tell me not to swear.

Fuck you.

Ask me to please watch my language and I will respect your wishes to the best of my ability

Tell me to watch my mouth and I will tell you to eat a dick.

These words are everywhere. You aren't going to escape them. So either deal with it or don't be around it. Block it out. Ignore it. But don't have the fucking gall to believe you are going to change my mind.

Piss off fuckass. I talk the way I talk.

With deep and abiding affection,

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