Sunday, August 29, 2010

Religion part 3: Fuck Karma!

I am about to shut down karma and I wanted to get some facts straight. After all Karma is one of those terms thrown about by people of all religions. Some form or another of it shows up in the teachings of every philosophy.

Its a good theory. The idea that if you act like a good person in this life you will be rewarded at some point for it by a greater intelligence. That is right atheists, this is beyond you. In order to believe in Karma by the textbook meaning you must believe in a superior being. So if my atheist friends are reading this, I don't wanna hear this come out of your mouth anymore, you fucking hypocrite. Yes I know you can try to believe in karma as a governing law of your life without believing in god. Some people still choose to see it as a law of nature. So here is what I feel is wrong there.

The problem I have with Karma is the idea in practice. If you are a great person. If you are sweet and loyal and kind and generous you should receive that in kind from the world around you. The problem is If you believe karma will come to your rescue for being a good person, YOU ARE FUCKING WRONG!

Karma has nothing to do with the actions of other people. It is unable to break the free will of people around you. Someone near you acting like a dick will still be a fucking dick no matter how nice you come across. The person is a dick. Get over it. This is not your fault. We automatically assume that Karma can help if we've been good. But even if you were someone, who gave a million dollars to diseased orphans, and walked down a dark street directly afterward. Then, as you walk, you cross paths with a rapist/mugger. Chances are you are still gonna get raped/mugged, despite having done such a fabulous deed.

Now true believers might argue that maybe you are being punished by the universe for donating simply to get the tax write off. Your intention wasn't pure so it didn't count and that is why evil has beset you. Fuck off! The person in the scenario did a lot of good, despite intention, and still got raped and stabbed and had their jewelry stolen.

They also got a cold when their jacket was stolen by the rapist/mugger.

So if Karma doesn't work in the same life, surely it must work in your next life. This is a question no one can fucking answer. Does being a good person get you into heaven or reincarnate you into a rich person in your next life? Does being bad send you to hell or make you an amoeba in the next life? No one knows.

Personally, and this is just my belief. I believe we are all ruled by perception of events. What is evil, but an injustice done to others. And that same injustice is perceived as a profit by the person committing it. Often for their greater good. Its all in how you look at it.

Therefore evil cannot exist as a constant. Meaning that injustice will not necessarily be punished, and all of your attempts to lead a good life can be rewarded by being fucked over by every person who walks past. Because after all you were overly trusting of bad people, and that in itself brings bad karma.

It should not be a crime to be stupid. It should only be a crime to be stupid and not do anything about it.

So please stop telling me about karma. Because I have seen enough of my good friends get fucked by the world after having been so incredibly sweet and generous to everyone they have met. Just to get to some invisible prize in the next life.

Karma is just another excuse used to place blame and redirect responsibility. You are responsible if your life sucks. Do something about it fuckface. I will be over here starting fights with people who have done nothing to me and not receiving any comeuppance. Ha ha fucking ha

With deep and abiding affection,

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