Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yes. That's how I feel about it.

So apparently I cause trouble for anyone who likes my blog and allows there friends to read it. they read it and see the venomous sputum coming out of my head and they wanna cruci-fuckin-fy the person who shared it with them. Instead of with me, the author.

Let me just state this for those who can't figure this out. You're loved one who showed you my inner darkness is not responsible for thinking that I am funny or thinking that I have a point. I am merely shaking the trees. I am shouting into a vacuum so that my normal life becomes able to better process the world as it happens. I allow people to read it and tell me what they think. TELL ME what you think. And just so you know I relish the challenge of anyone who wants to argue with me. Ask some of my readers who know me. I get absolutely fucking giddy when you wanna express your anger with me. I love it. I...LOVE....IT. But don't cause crap for your loved ones they care too much about you, and you about them to fight over a pissy little blog.

Now for today's topic.

I hate popular music. I don't hate pop music. I just hate what is popular. if it appeals to the masses it hardly ever appeals to me. I was in a coffee shop today when my friend Steve told me he liked Katy Perry and he thought she was a cool person he also said she was not an artist. The girl behind the counter got all defensive when we started to rip Lady Gaga for being shitty as well.

My message to her: fuck you. When I ask you to be in my conversation is when I will listen. Maybe not even then. Take your opinion and cram it up your ass.

When it comes to music you are either an artist or a singer. And nothing out there nowadays says art to me It says surface bullshit. Because you couldn't be a dancer you had to pretend you could sing in order to do what you really wanted and now every fucking 12 year old with a radio has to listen and be infected by your crap.

Then when interest starts to flag in your career, because people eventually figure out that you are a fucking talentless hack, you go fuck someone on camera, or do a video wearing only pasties and candle wax. You marry some dipshit or start doing drugs that make you look like you bathe in garbage so you can appeal to the lowest common denominator. Fuck off. If you wanted to be a fucking whore you could've gone out on the street and done that. But don't waste my time. And please stop showing your worm infested snatch on my television I am trying to fucking eat most of the time that crap comes on.

I am tired of mediocrity being shot into our faces so that we have something new to worship. If you wanna be famous, write a song and sing it, and if it sucks throw it out and try again. Give us something real to like, and I guarantee you will live long passed your years. Give us your life as a joke or a fad and you will be praised because you are dead.

Pop artists are destined for shooting star status. Not all of them get to burn forever. So shoot for something deeper. Not just lip gloss, perfume, a few dance moves, and glitter.

As I have said before Bob Dylan couldn't sing for shit. But his songs could get you laid, and that my friends is an artist.

lay lady lay bitches

With deep and abiding affection

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