Thursday, August 26, 2010

F your face! and F your car!

I hate facial piercings. I hate them with a passion that burns when I pee. There was a time when I allowed for this sort of thing. It is cute on some and not on others type thing. But I am retracting and saying that they are just fucking ugly. Accessories are supposed to enhance your features not destroy them. For fucks sake spend your money on useful shit.
I believe everyone on earth would be a lot richer if it weren't for shit like facial piercings and decorations for your car.

The nose and eyebrow ring don't make you look better it just makes your hideousness more noticeable.

All I really wanna say is if you are ugly, don't make it worse. If you are pretty, don't fuck it up. If you are somewhere in between. This is not gonna push you into the realm of pretty its just gonna make it look like a mini scene from hellraiser broke out on your face.

And just as a side note about cars and the decorations therein...You, the douchebag with the tremendous bass and the million inch rims...every other car on the road wants to take a fucking shotgun to your car and pull the trigger till your ride is just metal confetti. It is not because we are jealous its because you have the fucking ego to think that we all wanna hear your shit music. And not only do you think we wanna hear it you think we wanna hear it at a level that makes our ears bleed because that is just a divine sensation. It's fucking irritating. And your taste in music sucks. Fuck you. Go die.

That's all I got for today. Tune into tomorrow in my continuing quest to learn how to hate people to death.

With deep and abiding affection

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